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December 12, 2016

Bioinformatics Report Confirms the Master Regulator role of GM6
The script for the video of our chairman/CEO will be presenting in Bio Partnering at JPM 2017 in San Francisco next month to announce the public posting of all the 89 ALS associated genes modulated by Genervon multi-target endogenous master regulator drug candidate GM6. Read More

My name is Winston Ko, the Chairman and CEO of Genervon. I am a businessman and investor who embraces entrepreneurial challenges.

In his book Zero to One, Peter Theil says: "We have given up our sense of wonder at secrets left to be discovered... You can't find secrets without looking for them... We will never learn any of these secrets unless we demand to know them and force ourselves to look...We are within reach... of ambitions so great that even the boldest minds of the Scientific Revolution hesitated to announce them directly."

Today I am hesitating to tell you Genervon's secrets...

20 years ago, it dawned on me that something must be wrong with the 100% failure of all clinical trials to find the cure for various central nervous system diseases.

It became obvious that CNS disorders are very complex and any single target drug targeting some pathogenesis cannot cure multifactorial CNS diseases.

So, what is the secret? It is the determination to find the endogenous regulator responsible for the development and maintenance of the health of the highly complex human nervous system.

Our scientific team found the novel endogenous embryonic stage regulator that controls the development of the nervous system, including differentiating the embryonic stem cells, monitoring for distress signals and dispatch specific signals through different pathways, and repairing malfunctioning genes and mis-folded proteins.

To make a long story short, our team discovered the master regulator of the human nervous system, which we named GM6. We then spent over 10 years developing GM6 through many pre-clinical studies, including in vitro and animal models which showed GM6 is efficacious and can pass through blood-brain barrier.

A Phase 1 human clinical trial demonstrated that GM6 - a small peptide delivered by IV injection is very safe with few to no side effects.

GM6 binds specifically, and only, to the beta sub-unit of the tyrosine kinase of the Insulin Receptors, IGF1 Receptors and IGF2 Receptors, to activate the monitoring and repair mechanism in the brain.

Genervon conducted three Phase 2 clinical trials - one each for ALS, Parkinson's disease, and Ischemic Stroke. Genervon plans to start Phase 3 for ALS trial under Special Protocol Assessment (SPA) process in 2017.

I want to mention the results from the ALS trial. The treated group had statistical significant changes in the expression levels of three well-known ALS biomarkers (SOD1, Tau, and TDP-43). The treated group also showed a trend of slower disease progression compared to placebo patients. [As you can see on the graphic,] the slope (representing the disease progression) in the treated group changes noticeably while the placebo group does not show a change in slope. The group treated with GM6 demonstrated statistically significant improvements in FVC clinical data at 12 weeks at one trial site. All of this data has been submitted to FDA.

So, what's the secret? It's that Genervon's bioinformatics research discovered and confirmed that GM6 coordinates the expression of thousands of genes in reaction to distresses in the nervous system. This suggests that GM6 is a master regulator that affects this extremely intricate neural network of disease related pathways.

ALS is a very heterogeneous and multifactorial fatal disease. GM6 strongly modulates the 89 ALS-associated genes [listed here], representing a coordinated systematic response to ALS disease progression.

Genes whose expressions were increased by GM6 were frequently associated with cell division and mitosis, while GM6-repressed genes were often associated with the mitochondrial envelope.

These findings support the idea that GM6 alters signaling pathways involved in ALS pathogenesis.

All in all, we hypothesize that the modulation of multiple ALS target genes by GM6 restores cellular homeostasis and buffers against the genetic and clinical stress caused by ALS.

Recently, we decided to share our research findings, including the specific gene names, with the ALS and CNS research communities.

We welcome inquiries by CNS researchers and investors about our gene analysis or the need to access GM6 to conduct your experiments for curing all the diseases of age and metabolic decay. Please contact RnD@genervon.com or investment@genervon.com..



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