New Classes Of Master Regulators Bio-Drugs

What is Genervon?

  • Genervon is a clinical stage Biopharmaceutical company.
  • Genervon has discovered and developed new classes of novel master regulators bio-drugs.
  • We developed two proprietary scientific platforms:
  • One is to discover novel endogenous fetus stage master regulators that modulate multiple pathways of gene expressions that are useful to treat disorders and diseases in nervous system and vascular system. There are other diseases and indications being evaluated which are still proprietary and not in the public domain.
  • One of Genervon's discoveries is a novel motoneuronotrophic factor (MNTF), a master regulator responsible for the development, protection and correction of the human nervous system.
  • Two is an In Silico Analysis platform that can identify active sites of proteins and peptides. 9 active sites with similar efficacies were discovered in 33mer MNTF.

What demand does Genervon meet?

  • CNS disorders and diseases involved the interplay of a highly complex, multi-factorial process of many non-dominant effectors in an interwoven dynamic network.
  • Analog GM6, one of the first chosen bio-drug candidate of MNTF penetrates BBB and has multiple functions including neuro-protection and neuro-regeneration.
  • GM6 is very safe at high and multiple doses (5mg/kg). FDA approved Phase II clinical trials of CNS disorders and diseases using GM6 for Ischemic Stroke, Parkinson's disease and ALS indications.
  • Specific receptors activated by GM6 function as a master regulator that responds to the distress signals from anywhere in the nervous system. It in turn activates many appropriate genes through multiple pathways to induce the expression of proteins that are anti-inflammatory, anti-apoptosis, anti-oxidant, regenerative and re-innervative, etc.

How is Genervon different?

  • Genervon thinks different. It has the courage to break from the classical way of thinking. Stay focus in finding the master regulators responsible for the development of the human nervous system and other systems. Created the technology platform to find the small active sites of protein/peptides in order to penetrate the BBB.
  • Instead of using high throughput to search for molecules to target diseases from human genomes, genomes of microbes, etc, Genervon already has a novel family of master regulators, including GM6 approved for Phase II CNS human clinical trials.
  • With proven function and efficacy on CNS diseases throughout drug development, Genervon used the DNA micro-array and mRNA PCR array analysis and found that GM6 modulated thousands of significant genes through multiple pathways involving 22 specific biological functions including neurogenesis, neural development, neuronal signaling, etc.



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