• January 10, 2017
  • Genervon Releases ALS, PD and AD Disease Associated Gene Lists Modulated by GM6 and Encourages Researchers to Explore New Discoveries beyond Single Target Drug Development Paradigm
  • Genervon Biopharmaceuticals LLC ("Genervon") has published a confidential list of genes associated with Parkinson's disease today during the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. Mr. Winston Ko has also released a video articulating why Genervon is releasing these confidential neurodegenerative disease related gene lists.
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  • May, 2014
  • CEOCFO Interview: Disease Modification of ALS, Parkinson's Disease and Ischemic Stroke
  • "In seven out of eight ALS patients treated with GM6 the preliminary clinical measurements of ALS disease progression have slowed or stopped." - Winston Ko
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  • January, 2013
  • CEOCFO Interview: Genervon Biopharmaceuticals is Well Positioned for Growth
  • Two ongoing CNS Phase 2 Clinical Trials and an additional pipeline of ten Phase 2 ready indications. Its novel first-in-class, human endogenous embryonic stage master regulator peptide drugs are for the nervous system.
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  • March, 2012
  • Visiongain Neuroprotective Products: World Market Prospects 2012-2022
  • Single target to mutifactorial CNS peptide drug.
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