Genervon has discovered and developed new classes of novel master regulators bio-drugs. These proprietary new classes of bio-drugs are high level fetal stage endogenous master regulators that modulate multiple pathways of gene expressions that are useful to treat disorders and diseases in nervous system and vascular system. Beyond these indications, Genervon is actively evaluating other diseases and indications such as cardiovascular, oncology, hematology and others which are still proprietary and not in the public domain.

Genervon is dedicated to the development of innovative therapeutics for patients with serious medical conditions involving the nervous system through the inhibition of processes leading to neuronal damage such as apoptosis, inflammation and oxidants.

The company is currently conducting three Phase 2 trials evaluating its lead therapeutic for 1.) acute ischemic stroke patients under IND #77789,
2.) Parkinson's disease has been granted under IND #10944 and 3.) ALS was granted under IND #118420.

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