You are invited to our luncheon presentation - World Preclinical Congress, Translational Strategies In CNS

Mr. Winston Ko, Chairman and CEO, will present Genervon's disruptive and novel therapeutic strategy for diseases of the central nervous system and share pre-clinical and bioinformatic data as well as functional and bio-marker findings from clinical trials. Genervon has identified 1,259 genes altered greater than 2-fold in SH-5YSY cells by GM6 including 89, 48, 46 and 9 specific genes associated with ALS, AD, PD and MS respectively. GM6 discovered by Genervon is an endogenous multiple targets embryonic stage tyrosine kinase motoneuronotrophic factor neuronal regulator of the human nervous system.

Confidential data from Genervon ALS Phase 2A clinical trial were released and published

Genervon discovered the endogenous embryonic stage multi-target regulator GM6. GM6 modulates 89 ALS, 48 AD, 46 PD and 9 MS associated defective genes to bring homeostasis for the respective patient groups. Genervon embraced a system biology approach in finding a cure for the highly complex heterogeneous neurodegenerative and neurological diseases and disorders...