For almost 50 years, Mr. Winston Ko, the Chairman and CEO of Genervon Biopharmaceuticals, has embraced entrepreneurial challenges as an investor and developer seeking to make a positive impact. Recognizing the lack of curative therapies for patients suffering from CNS diseases, Mr. Ko commissioned a team of scientists to find a novel endogenous embryonic stage regulator of the human nervous system. His team discovered this critical regulator, and Mr. Ko founded Genervon Biopharmaceuticals to develop a small peptide and active analog of this master regulator for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and disorders using a multi-target approach.  

Leadership Team

Winston Ko, MBA Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board

Dorothy Ko, MS Chief Operating Officer, Director of Clinical Research

Raymond Chau, Ph.D. Founding Scientist, Chief Scientific Advisor

Mark Kindy, Ph.D. Consulting Scientist, Director of Scientific Research

Frank Young, M.D. Regulatory Advisor

PC Chan-Yu, Ph.D. Clinical Research

Tony Shum, M.D. Medical Advisor

Lorraine DeCesare, R.Ph. Clinical Trial Manager

In addition, expert consultants, specialists, and contract research organizations contribute to the ongoing success of Genervon's research and development. The company is dedicated to streamlining the drug development and clinical trial processes through the use of contract research organizations (CROs). This strategy offers the benefits of fast delivery, higher levels of efficiency, and lowered costs associated with drug development.