Biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of Neurodegeneration


Genervon has discovered and developed new classes of novel master regulators bio-drugs. These proprietary new classes of bio-drugs are high-level embryonic stage endogenous master regulators that modulate multiple pathways known to mediate neurodegenerative disorders and diseases. 

Genervon is dedicated to the development of innovative therapeutics for patients with serious medical conditions involving the nervous system through the inhibition of processes leading to neuronal damage such as apoptosis, inflammation, and oxidative stress. GM6 may correct axonal transport sub-system malfunctions and disrupt the mitochondrial apoptotic pathways across several disease indications. 




Recognizing the lack of curative therapies for patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases and disorders, Genervon has devoted the last twenty years to research and development in pursuit of a cure. 



Genervon’s innovation is in treating neurodegenerative diseases and disorders by targeting the common underlying pathophysiology and multiple disease-specific pathways and genes using a multi-target approach. 


What's New

Genervon developed GM6, a 6 amino acid peptide which is an active analog of MNTF, an embryonic-stage master regulator. GM6 has advanced into Phase 2 clinical development and is planning late stage clinical trials for ALS, PD, AD, and MS.