Dec 7, 2017

GM604 - ALS Poster


Mar 7, 2017

GM604 Phase 2A Paper Published in F1000Research


Sep 16, 2016

Summary of GM604

A summary of Genervon's innovative hypothesis, drug discovery, drug development, and clinical trials results over the last 20 years


Sep 22, 2015

GM604 Reduced TDP-43 to Achieve Homeostasis in Heterogeneous ALS Patients

Researchers and clinicians have long recognized that ALS is a heterogeneous neurodegenerative disease. That is why it is so difficult to find a cure for ALS since its discovery over 140 years ago. One of the major pathological features observed in post-mortem tissue from patients with ALS is cytoplasmic neuronal aggregations formed by TDP-43 DNA binding Protein.


Jun 29, 2015

ALS Compassionate Use Results

Results of a single compassionate patient trial (GALS-C) of GM604 were submitted to the FDA. The results obtained support the Homeostasis Theory and the reduction of TDP43 by GM604 significantly modulated the disease progression


Jun 29, 2015

Updated Phase 2A GALS001 and GLAS-C Trial Results

An update of Phase 2A GALS001 and GLAS-C Trial Results on TDP-43 and other biomarker data


Jun 29, 2015

Safety and Efficacy Summary of GM604

Highlights of GM604 safety and efficacy in treating ALS patients where statistical significance or a strong trend were found achieved


Feb 03, 2015

Clinical Trials with Small Sample Sizes

Letter from Paul J. Lupinacci, PhD, Director of Biostatistics, WCCT Global


Jan 31, 2015

Professor Bowser on Biomarkers

Professor Bowser is the top biomarker expert in ALS. He tested and analyzed all the samples collected by MGH and Columbia, including those from the compassionate use late-stage ALS patient who has been paraplegic/vent for 8 years.